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The team at Comfort Procedures is dedicated to upholding the highest international standards of male surgical care while treating our patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Are you a man that requires vasectomy surgery? Let our vasectomy clinic team provide a private and personalized experience for you!

We are proud to offer you a world-class vasectomy procedure at our Richardson, Texas clinic location. Feel free to ask around, you will find out that we are the leading provider of no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy in the DFW metroplex. All it takes is a simple, quick, and virtually painless procedure in our clinic and you are ready to move on with life.

Complete consultation and procedure is done in half an hour. Please contact us at 469-931-0684 to request an appointment.

We offer no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy for $680 for men in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Why a No Scalpel Vasectomy?

Vasectomy Clinic DallasNo-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy surgery with Dr. McAuliff offers you all of the following benefits:

  • Convenience of a single clinic visit.
  • No incision
  • No needle
  • Quick procedure – a half hour in the clinic.
  • No stitches
  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Effective contraception

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Our Dallas clinic team is proud to offer world-class surgical methods, and scheduling with us is quite easy.

The entire procedure, from consultation to vasectomy surgery, can be done in a single clinic visit. Any post-procedural follow up is done via phone; no travel is necessary!

You can also choose to schedule a pre-procedure consultation appointment prior to your surgery if that is your preference. Give us a call at 469-931-0684 to request an appointment when you are ready.

Experienced Dallas Vasectomy Doctor

Dr Tim McAuliff MDDr. Tim McAuliff, MD is a board-certified physician in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with an extensive medical background. He has performed more than 5,000 safe, successful outpatient and clinic procedures and has a broad spectrum of experience in patient care within the hospital, clinic, and emergency department settings.

Dr. McAuliff primary focus is on No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedures. After extensive training with Dr. Neil Pollock, a foremost authority in this procedure, Dr. McAuliff now offers his patients advanced, minimally invasive techniques that represent the latest vasectomy methods.

Dr. McAuliff performs vasectomies at Comfort Procedures’s Richardson location. No need to wait weeks for your procedure at a local hospital. With his own private vasectomy center, Dr. McAuliff enables patients to be seen for a consultation and have the surgery done on the same day. Call us at 469-931-0684.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy Trends in Texas

Vasectomy has experienced continuous growth in popularity among Texan men seeking permanent contraception. This trend suggests that more people recognize the overall convenience, safety, and reliability of this procedure to avoid an unintended pregnancy. Now, with the introduction of the No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) and no needle technique, this procedure has become even more simple.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Dallas

No Scalpel VasectomyDr. Li Shunqiang developed the No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) technique in China in 1974. By 1985, an international team made up of members from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Access to Voluntary and Safe Contraception (AVSC), formerly the Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception, visited China to study alternative vasectomy procedures, including NSV.

After careful observation and review of the NSV procedure in 1988, they decided to bring the procedure to North America. Since then, men have received over 1,000,000 No-Scalpel vasectomies in North America and nearly 20,000,000 in China. The numbers around the world continue to grow.

Our DFW vasectomy clinic uses this advanced method and Comfort Procedures has been performing scalpel-free vasectomies with great success for many years.

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NSV Benefits vs. Conventional Vasectomy

Vasectomy IllustrationNo scalpel vasectomy is a simple, quick in-office procedure. Many studies show significant advantages over conventional vasectomy because it is comparatively faster, has a quicker time to recover, is demonstrably safer (one-eighth the rate of bleeding and infection) and is virtually pain-free – especially when coupled with no-needle anesthesia – as done at our Texas vasectomy clinic.

During a conventional vasectomy procedure, the doctor will make two incisions, one on either side of the scrotum. After performing the procedure, the doctor stitches up the incisions. The patient will need to follow up about a week later to have the stitches removed.

With this Dr Tim’s new approach, there is no knife, no incision, no stitches and no-needle. Men who have had the procedure in our clinic are amazed by the minimal discomfort during the procedure and recovery period. (Check out our reviews).

No need to continue to avoid the procedure if you feared the scalpel. Feel comfortable, relaxed and confident with this simple procedure.

Dallas Vasectomy Clinic – FAQ

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

Sedation is not needed but is optional before the procedure. We can arrange a prescription for oral sedation ahead of time help you feel more at ease. Please arrange a ride too and from the clinic if you choose this option. No-Scalpel No-Needle Vasectomy is virtually painless. You will likely have some soreness for a day or two after the procedure. This is easily addressed with a mild analgesic.

How soon after my vasectomy can I go back to work?

Avoid heavy, physical labor for 7 days following your vasectomy. If your job does not require this kind of labor, you can return to work much sooner.

Will the vasectomy change me sexually?

The only difference you will see is that you will not be able to make your partner pregnant. Hormone and semen production will not change.

Vasectomy does not change your vocal chords, facial hair, musculature, libido, erections, or orgasms. You may even find sex is more relaxed and enjoyable than before without the worry of accidental pregnancy or the inconvenience of other birth control methods.

Does No-Scalpel Vasectomy work?

NSV is extremely effective! In fact, the success rate of vasectomy in our clinics has been better than 99.9%, which is amongst the highest in North America. Our Dallas vasectomy clinic offers the same procedure with Dr McAuliff.

Will I be sterile right away?

Immediately after a vasectomy, there is always some active sperm in your system. This will clear in about 2-3 months and 20 ejaculations to clear them. During this time, you and your partner should use alternative birth control until a semen test confirms you are sperm free.

Is No-Scalpel Vasectomy safe?

The National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, and most medical professionals have concluded that vasectomy is a safe and simple procedure. Vasectomy is surgery, and all surgery has some risks, such as bleeding and infection. But serious problems are uncommon at our Dallas clinic.

Can a No-Scalpel Vasectomy be reversed?

Yes, but reversal operations are expensive and not always successful. If you are thinking about reversal, perhaps vasectomy is not right for you.

How much does a vasectomy cost in Texas?

The cost for your vasectomy at Comfort Procedures Dallas  is $680. You will need to provide a $100 deposit to schedule the procedure, with the remaining $580 due on the day of service, payable with cash or credit card. Please see the Vasectomy Costs page for more information on vasectomy pricing.

When can I start having sex again?

After at least seven days and as soon as you are comfortable, you can start having sex again. Please remember to use another birth control method until a semen analysis confirms you are sterile.

How long will a No-Scalpel Vasectomy take?

Vasectomy is a simple procedure that can be performed in under an hour in our procedure rooms in our Dallas clinic (easier than going to the hospital). It’s best that you have someone available to drive you home after the procedure or extend your stay at the clinic to ensure you are fully recovered before driving.

What are some potential benefits of open-ended vasectomy?

Open-ended vasectomy is where the vas tube is cut and the end from the testicle is left open (i.e. not cauterized). The end of the tube leading to the penis is sealed. Studies suggest that this is the ideal way to block the vas end. Men may experience less post-op discomfort because there is no pressure build-up in the testicles.

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