Vasectomy & Circumcision Clinic

No-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy
No-stitches circumcision

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Tim McAuliff, M.D. specializes in the No- Needle No-Scalpel vasectomy surgery which affords faster recovery. He prefers this more comfortable technique over the traditional vasectomy which requires 2 scalpel incisions and sutures.

Adult Circumcision

Men come to our specialized circumcision clinic from the state of Texas and beyond.  With our combination of local anesthetic,  quick surgical technique and use of skin glue, we provide what may be the most comfortable adult circumcision procedure possible.

Older Boys and Teens Circumcision

Our private medical clinic offers circumcision for  boys over age 12 through teen years, done in the office setting.  With our focus on the most comfortable circumcision procedure possible, we strive to deliver the highest standard of male medical care for your son.

Baby Circumcision

Infant circumcision is commonly done relatively early in the life of your son. Procedures completed in the first four weeks are considered newborn circumcisions. We offer circumcision from birth to 6 months of age.

No-Scalpel, No-Needle Vasectomy

No-Stitches Circumcision for Men, Teens, Pre-teens, & Babies

Knowledgeable Staff to Answer Your Questions.

Just fill out our inquiry form for the service you are looking for or call us at 469-931-0684.   Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is prepared to answer any questions you have before booking your procedure.

Highly-qualified Surgical Care by an Expert Physician.

Dr. McAuliff has performed several thousand safe, successful outpatient and clinic procedures and has a broad spectrum of experience in patient care within the hospital, clinic, and emergency department settings.

A Practice Focused on Circumcision and Vasectomy.

Dr. McAuliff is a highly-experienced doctor whose practice focuses exclusively on providing the surgical procedures of vasectomy and circumcision. This allows his team to excel in providing outstanding service to male patients.

Aftercare Support If Needed

We give extensive after-care instructions but if you have any concerns or questions after you have your surgery you may call us or email us.  You will be given a mobile number so you have a staff member available.

We’re committed to delivering outstanding men's and boys' healthcare. Period.

Virtually Painless No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Dr. Tim McAuliff specializes in the No-Needle and No-Scalpel vasectomy surgery. At our clinic, our vasectomy doctor has completed several thousand successful surgeries.

We operate our vasectomy clinic, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with the highest standard of patient care and the goal of making the procedure as comfortable as possible.

No-Stitches Circumcision – Virtually Painless

Circumcision is available for newborns and babies up to 6 months of age, as well as boys age 12 and up, teens, and adult men. Our approach is faster than conventional hospital methods, with improved cosmetic outcomes.

The circumcision method practiced at our DFW clinic is one of the most comfortable available in the country.

Exceptional Client Experiences

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Tim McAuliff, MD is a board-certified physician in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with an extensive medical background. He has performed more than 5,000 safe, successful outpatient and clinic procedures and has a broad spectrum of experience in patient care within the hospital, clinic, and emergency department settings.